What is the address of the exhibition hall?
Fiera del Levante - Ingresso Agricoltura - Viale Vittorio Emanuele Orlando - Bari

When is the registration period?
Registrations close on 25th February 2024

What is the bank account where to pay the registration fees?
Beneficiary: Associazione Nazionale Felina Italiana
IBAN  IT 33 B 02008 01118 000106760440

Payments must be made at the time of registration and in any case by February 25th 2024

What are the qualifications needed to participate in the Mediterranean Winner Show?
Only cats of fully recognized breeds and their fully recognized varieties as well as house cats belonging to individual FIFe members can participate at the Mediterranean Winner Show.

Qualifications requirements can be found here.

Can I present my cat to the judge?
On Saturday you can present your cat to the judge. A steward is always available.

Stewards will present the cats during the Best in Show on Sunday. The panel will be cage-free and owners will need to bring their cats to the marked collection area next to the stage. Each nominated cat must be brought to the designated area at the latest during the previous group's panel.

Can I use my personal cage?
No, personal cages are not allowed. Anfi will provide the cages. The dimensions of the cage are 65x65 cm

Can I have a double cage for a cat?
Yes, you can request it when registering. An extra cost of €20.00 will be added to the standard registration cost for each double cage occupied by one cat.

What vaccinations are required for competing cats?
All participating cats must be vaccinated against feline panleukopenia, feline calicivirus and feline herpesvirus and each cat's vaccination record is checked upon entry. Vaccinations must be valid and carried out at least 15 days before the event.

Cats coming from abroad must be vaccinated against rabies. Vaccination must be carried out at least 21 days before entering Italy.

White cats must have a veterinary certificate certifying that they are not bilaterally deaf.

House cats older than 10 months must be sterilized.

Can I sell my kittens at the Mediterranean Winner Show? Can I come with some kittens to show to visitors (not in the competition)?
The Italian government has very strict rules regarding animal welfare and it is strictly forbidden to sell a cat/kitten at a cat show or any public event in Italy.

Please also note that there is no out-of-competition class at the Mediterranean Winner Show.

Will there be chairs available for exhibitors?
Yes, chairs are available.

How much does it cost to park at Fiera del Levante?
Free of charge for exhibitors. Visitors can use Levante’s parking

When and how can I register for the gala dinner?
All information on the gala dinner is available here.

Where can I find the weekend schedule?
The schedule is available here.

When is the exhibition open to the public? What is the ticket price?
All visitors information is here.

Is it possible to leave the show early?
No permits will be granted to leave the show early.